Sunday, October 24, 2010


"...and forgive us our sins, as we have forgiven those who sin against us." Matthew 6:12 (New Living Translation)

       I am in awe of God today. It is truly amazing how He works. He is showing me what it is to forgive. The same way God forgives our sins is how we must forgive others when they hurt us. Thank you God for forgiving me and also for allowing me to finally see how You want me to forgive others!        How often do we say to ourselves that we will forgive someone because God requires for us to? Or, how often do we feel better than the person we are forgiving? Do I look at my forgiveness as a way of elevating myself above that person? Sounds like pride to me... I have learned that rather I should forgive someone for two reasons and thus remain humble and have a true heart before God: 1. To restore the fellowship because I love that person and I do not want my selfishness of pain to ruin that relationship. 2. To show that person a picture of Christ and how He forgives so that we might all come into right relationship with God.
        A key factor also, is understanding the heart of the person to be forgiven. Without one critical thing, we can not forgive. That critical thing is God's heart. I Really look at the person and allow myself to feel God's love for that person. I Imagine how that person could have been speaking or acting out of their own pain or misunderstanding. I Imagine times when I have done the same thing for the same reasons, then remember how God dealt with me. He always dealt with me mercifully. I remember how that mercy and grace felt and how I want to share it with others. My forgiveness is a way that I can fully do so, even to the end that by my obedience God may be bringing salvation to my very enemies! How cool is that?


  1. Just found your blog!! Thanks for boldness!

  2. Thanks, Alida. The only weapon we have in this life is Sword of Truth and it is only effective if it is kept sharp! Transparency is my M.O.!