Monday, October 25, 2010

Spiritual Gift?

God's every heartbeat can be felt:
Raw emotion running through my veins.
Sometimes I can physically feel
The throbbing of rent flesh against
The serrated knife.
Though I only partake in part,
It's more than my heart can contain.
Humanity is weak and fragile.
Sometimes the intensity threatens to shatter me.

Self control is not optional.
I feel I can't cope some days.
You can't see the storm within the calm;
I can't let you know
When I look at you - no not look, see.
You feel that funny feeling, and
You feel outrage at my invasion.
What you don't know is,
Sometimes I don't want to see.

People shy away.
They don't know why.
I may always be an island
In a sea of people,
Because God gave me eyes to feel,
And that will forever repel
Those who have pain to hide.

I can't find a friend:
Someone who sees me
The way I see them.
There is no need to fear me.
Far be it from me to condemn!
The same God in my heart
Loved me while I hid too.

See me
I can feel the same love He has for you.
I know it fully;
It renders me breathless.
Many will struggle to know the heart of God.
I struggle because I do.

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