Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If I could but describe the unending, unmeasurable flood of love, joy, and peace that has been poured upon me since the Holy Spirit caught my heart on fire...but man's words are sorely and utterly useless to explain because nothing man knows can compare with the love that is in Christ Jesus.

For turning the depths of my unbearable sorrow into the joy of a new morning...for giving me a second chance that I DID NOT DESERVE...I owe Him everything because He IS everything for me. I truly, truly was blind, but now I finally see what I took for granted years ago. I did not know the worth of the salvation that I had. I did not realize the VALUE of Living Water and now I feel I can never have enough!

My cup does truly overflow and I feel that there is not room enough in my heart to contain the praise and adoration that I have for the One Who saved not my body or any earthly thing I posess...but saved my soul. Praise You Lord, from Whom all goodness comes! May my heart never cease to love and praise You.

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