Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Wisdom and Funny Stuff #1

I will not look for perfection in another person until i have attained perfection myself. Since i know this will never be, let me learn to accept things as they are, and stop manipulating them into changing. Let me look for a wiser approach to life from myself, not from other people.

It is all too easy to be thankful for the happy things in life, but how often do we express gratitude for hard times? True thanksgiving is only possible when we realise that the thorns have roses.

I have the power to set myself free by conquering the personal shortcomings that chain me to my problems. And not the least of these is the short-sightedness that has made me refuse to accept responsibility for the way i am.

I have decided to not have any expectations for the future - worries or hopes. I am simply going to enjoy the wonderful moments in each day - one day at a time.

Starting at 12:00am this morning, consciously think of each thing that God has done for you today. Each time you think of something, pray and thank Him for it. Did it take you all day? Good. That is what we are supposed to do every day...pray (and praise) without ceasing!

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