Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"AHA!" Moment - Changing Desires

Ok, so I had this "AHA!" moment this morning while I was driving to school. I used to always think that living a Godly life meant that I would deprive myself of all the things in life that were not about Him.

I started looking at the cds in my car and I was thinking about when I went through them and purged them when I gave my life back to the Lord...

I took the worst of the secular cd's out of my car, but I left a couple of cds that I felt weren't bad music but they just weren't Christian music...I felt a little guilty about keeping them but I convinced myself that since they weren't actually bad, that it would be ok...

I just looked at them today and realized that I have not listened to them at all since that day.

That was when I realized that being a Christian does not mean that I had to deprive myself of things I wanted...it means that I would want different things! The only music I wanted to listen to was music that glorifies Christ! I mean, yeah...of course I knew that all along but it never really hit me as real until now.

I never thought I was a slow learner! LOL

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