Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Our American Nationalism Stronger Than Our Unity in the Body of Christ?

I look at the nation's response to the Boston Marathon bombing, particularly the response of the church in America, and it really makes me think. Overall, the response has been that of love, support, and the sharing of mutual pain. We share the pain of our fellow Americans because we are bonded together as a nation. We may have our petty quarrels from time to time. We may even be hopeless in our political and religious bickering. But, when the rubber meets the road, we share one another's burdens despite our differences. It is truly a beautiful moment in which our nationhood shines brilliantly

I wish that the church in America would feel the same way about the persecuted church. They are one with us as the body of Christ, yet so often, we don't even really have an awareness of their existence. Every day, they are experiencing horrors that make American tragedies pale in comparison, yet we shed not a tear. When will we learn to share in the hurts of our brothers and sisters worldwide? They cry out, "Don't forget us!" They sacrifice their lives and the lives of their loved ones while we sit in the comfort and safety of our homes. Let's remember them today, too. ♥

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