Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Personal Pentecost!

I have been praying for something specific ever since the day I rededicated my life to God. I have been praying for God to reveal Himself to me and to reveal His calling for my life. It has been about a month and a half and my prayer has now been answered! Well, sort of... God does have a habit of only revealing a portion of things to come.

Sunday night (Sept 5, 2010) God revealed to me that I have been called into the ministry in an evangelism capacity. This will be a street level ministry. I'm not really able to go into complete detail as of yet. Like I said, God has a way of showing you things in stages but I have faith that He will show me what I need to see when I need to see it. He is an on-time God!

I have been in the process of confirming what I feel and it has already been confirmed by two other people whom I am convinced have a close walk with God.

All this leads me to me Pentecost! Even writing this, I am so unbelievably excited!!! Monday night, I went to a camp meeting service I was invited to (which is strange for me as I do not attend a Church of God.) The preaching wasn't really particularly dazzling to me (which is a bit strange in my case) but I was listening. After the preaching, however, they had an altar call for anyone who needed deliverance or healing. I thought to myself..."Well, I do have a cold...but nah...I'm good." Truly, I did not think to go up there. I was just standing near my seat and praying and singing when all of a sudden I felt a command to go to the front. I gave the hotline phone (for the violence center) to my supervisor (who was with me as were some of the ladies we serve) and shot to the front without an explaination.

I stood at the front, by the altar, and lifted my hands and began to worship from the depth of my soul because I knew something was about to happen and I know that God inhabits the praises of His people. Then, someone (I don't know who because I had my eyes shut) grabbed my hands. I began trembling and then I hit my knees and just could not stay up. I really didn't know the meaning of falling prostrate before God until that moment. I experienced complete submission to God and I could literally feel oppressions leave my body! It was a few minutes before I could even lift myself enough to be on my knees. God filled me with His Holy Spirit and I have no words to describe it. It makes me wonder if anyone else walks around feeling those waves of electricity like i have been. I can just look at someone or have a thought cross my mind and it rolls over me. I could not scrape the grin off my face with a razor knife! My spiritual gifts are manifesting with an intensity that I never imagined!

Everything is falling into place for me to light the path that is set before me...I can see it with a sparkling clarity that tells me that my Lord and Master has illuminated it for me. Where there was darkness now there is LIGHT! Don't make any mistake, though...the darkness is NOT happy about it. I have fallen under SUCH attack since this all happened that it is UNIMAGINABLE! The devil is hitting me from every angle...my family, my job, my health...I'm waiting to see what he tries next. The stupid fool doesn't even realize that my GOD has fought and WON the battle for me already! Hallelujah! I claim the promise that NO weapon formed against me shall EVER prosper! It's all good...the devil can be mad if he wants to...I guess I would be pretty upset if I was fighting a losing battle. Praise Jesus that I am no longer under satan's power!!!

Well that concludes this note...
God bless!
- P

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