Friday, August 2, 2013

What My Son Taught Me - Part One

One day, as I was cooking supper, I was blown away by a revelation that began years ago, with my son. It was a picture of beauty that brought me to tears...

I love to cook, especially while I am in tune with God. My creativity comes out, and it becomes to me a form of worship to God and a ministry to whomever I happen to be feeding that meal. (You never know with me!) I was all alone in my kitchen. I was happy and content in the Lord, and I was absentmindedly singing praise songs as I moved about my kitchen in that kind of dance that I do while I am cooking. 

All of a sudden, a memory flashes through my mind. I remember back to when my son was very small - a year and a half old, perhaps. He had just begun to talk, and had a very limited vocabulary, but he was such a cheerful child. Ohhh, and how he loved his Mommy! I received more love from that child than any one person ought to have! My mind's eye saw a picture of him that took my breath away.

He was sitting in the middle of his bedroom floor, playing with something. I don't really remember what he was playing with. It doesn't really matter. But, whatever he was playing with, he was totally engrossed in it, such to the point that he wasn't even aware of me standing in his doorway. The thing that had caused me to peek into his room was that I had heard him singing a song. It was such a beautiful, joyful song. The only word he sang was, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" That was one of the most precious and treasured moments of my entire life, watching my precious son--my sweet jewel--singing his love for me.

When God brought that memory to my mind, I got this overwhelming picture of Him looking at me in just the same way as I danced around my kitchen singing His praises. He spoke to my heart and told me that He delights in me just like that. His voice was full of the love and approval that I had always craved so much, and it was almost too much for my heart to contain. I literally fell to my knees with the weight of His love and grace and wept. Right there. On my kitchen floor. It was an experience that I will never forget.

<3 - P

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