Monday, February 6, 2012

To El Shaddai

 I trust You, Father, because I know You love me. I know this because You show me every day.

You hand-paint every sunrise whether I notice it or not. All the beauty of nature and the heavens was created by Your hand. Sometimes I feel as if You painted it just for me and it makes my heart glad.

You lead me on paths of safety as I hurry around each day. The dangers of the world do not trouble me, for I know my Lord is near.

Every spectacular sunset and all the patterned stars have been placed by Your hand to shine the light of Your everlasting Presence upon me and I never suffer hunger or lack any good thing.

Your strong arms never fail to protect and preserve me every night as I rest in the knowledge that You are there. I sleep soundly and have no need to worry, for I know that You hold my every moment - my every need in the palm of Your holy hand.

You walk with me always and commune with me whenever I remember to listen. You speak silent words of love to my soul. You lavish me with blessing far beyond anything I could even dream of asking for.

You took the discarded ashes of my life, which I destroyed myself, and returned to me a life that is new - and whole - and beautiful. More than that, You Yourself came down and became the innocent sacrifice to pay the penalty for the sins I have committed.

You bore the heavy and cruel weight of the life I had chosen to lead - all because You did not want to be separated from me. You saved me.

How could I not give You every ounce of love my sinful, human heart can muster? How could I not give You all my devotion? How could my eyes be filled with anything but You?

You are my life and all I want to do is thank You and please You. You alone hold the keys to my heart and it is Your privlege alone to do with my heart what You will, but I fully trust You with that, Father, because I know You love me.

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